“Be Happy. It’s one way of being wise.”

flowers in sun

Have you ever thought of happiness as a form of wisdom?

I certainly never did. For some cockamamie reason there’s something about not being happy that seems wiser, more real, than being happy.

After all, the world’s complete mess – the bad news is endless, life is stressful,  money’s tight –  happiness seems almost irresponsible – like not taking the situation seriously – our own or the world’s. If we made a list of ‘Important Things’ in life, we’d most probably find that getting things done, balancing the check book and security come in way ahead of happiness.

Yet it’s all any of us really want.

So why not make it the priority in your life? The world’s a disaster, life’s totally crazy, there’s always something to stress out about and we’ll never get done all we have to do – so why not enjoy what we do have? Make a happiness ‘to-do list’ – simple things – and do what’s on it just like they’re ‘serious’ things to do.


  • Smile.
  • Sing a song, laugh at a joke.
  • Feel the wind on your face; smell a flower.
  • Be kind to someone who needs some kindness.
  • Take time to breathe.
  • Find enjoyment in what you think of as chores……….


A kind of wisdom, for sure.

Sometimes I wonder – maybe the only wisdom.