Bindu – Absolute Center


Bindu means the ‘source’ or ‘source point’ of everything that is.

It is the dot at the center of an atom and the vastness of the universe.

It is the unmanifest source of sound that reveals itself as OM.

It is the pupil of the inner eye that opens when your mind is quiet and your body at peace.

Try this:

Close your eyes. Find the bindu on the blank screen of your eyelids.

Perhaps at first you can’t see it. Be patient. The dot forms in the center of nothing and is suddenly there. Fix your inner gaze upon it – though it sometimes floats and sometimes even disappears.  This is the practice: to bring the dot back to center and keep it steady with your gaze.

It is your inner eye you fix upon the bindu, it is your inner eye that sees it.

Observe how everything in your mind – thoughts, feelings, images, spin away from this center like sparks from a pinwheel.

This practice awakens you to the vastness of your conscious mind – and the power of your own potential.  The longer you focus, the greater this potential appears.

This practice awakens you to the vastness of your consciousness – and the power of your potential.