Consciousness In Motion

dancing shiv drawing

Shiva is consciousness. His dance creates the universe.

Asana is the dance of Yoga, bringing consciousness into movement, creating wholeness.

All conscious movement is a form of yoga.  It’s simply the practice of being aware of what you’re doing – and how you are doing it – as you are doing it.

Walking be conscious of your feet on the ground.

Running be conscious of your breath.

Sitting be conscious of the length of your spine.

Bending be conscious of openness in your hips.

Touching be conscious of heart energy in your hands.

Reaching be conscious of Prana flow upwards.

Standing be conscious of Apana flow downwards.

Climbing be conscious of the power in your legs.

Waiting be conscious of balance.

Be conscious of gravity supporting you. Be conscious of the field of energy that surrounds and protects you. Be aware of the power in your bones and the strength of your muscles. Be aware of the rhythm of your breath.

Let every movement involve the whole of you.

Create a life in which you are at ease and in comfort – and alive to the fullest possible degree. A mere five minutes a day of being fully conscious is transformative.

(Note: Above consciousness not possible if you are texting, on the phone or listening to your iPod.)