MEDITATION … Hamsa, the universal breath….




Hamsa is the great white swan of India – the image of the soul soaring into higher consciousness. He is the bird of your soul, living in your heart.

Hamsa the great swan is also the Shakti mantra of breath, the sound vibration of Prana, life force: Ham, the universal exhale; Sa, the universal inhale. Repeating the Hamsa mantra is called ‘ajapa dharana’ – spontaneous meditation – because whether conscious of it or not, we repeat this mantra every time we breathe. Bringing consciousness to what is automatic takes us far below the jangled, erratic workings of our rational mind, and into, simply, being.


Open your inner eye, and see the Hamsa in your heart. Join your breath to the image and listen to its sound: ‘Hamsa.’

Stay with the image. Stay with the breath. Stay with the sound. Be attentive. Wait. As image, breath and sound come together, Hamsa takes flight, the beating of its wings and the rhythm of your breathing one and the same.

Let your breath expand on the wings of the great swan. Let your spirit soar…