The Direct Route To Feeling Better About Everything

Picture 2


It was one of those blah mornings: not freezing, but cold; not raining, but misting and wet. I wasn’t in a terrible mood; but I certainly wasn’t in a good mood. There was nothing I could think of to be particularly happy about…

I walked along, very much inside my own head, not noticing anything when -suddenly – I was stopped short. On the sidewalk, right in front of me, at the entrance to the little neighborhood playground on the corner, someone had drawn a great big, bright red chalk circle. Inside the circle was message: Step Inside For Happiness. I stood staring – what Einstien of a street artist on this cold gray morning had the genius to share that special bit of wisdom with the world? – when a skinny little kid in enormous silver high-tops jumped into it – landing – ‘clomp!’ – two feet down, right on the lettering.

I asked him, “Did you draw that?”

And he said, “No way man – look at this!!!”

He ran backwards – stopped, took a deep breath – ran forward – and with one giant flying leap, arms flailing, made a 10 point landing, no wobble, dead center. Yes!

He swung up with a smile that took the whole of his face and cried:


And I answered – “Me too.”

I walked on. It was the same gray day and I still wouldn’t have been able name a reason to be happy – but there I was – lighthearted, looking forward, in a great mood. Considering how I’d been feeling barely one minute before, I had to laugh – amazed at the utter and complete idiocy and waste of the mood I’d been indulging in. Amazed too at how very easy it is to forget – even when you know better – that happiness is a feeling you are always free to choose. It doesn’t have to be attached to anything. It’s not dependent on someone else.

Anytime, anywhere, all you have to do is step inside and there it is, awaiting for you to come and get it, and for no reason at all – maybe just because you’re alive – you feel it –

h a p p i n e s s …