New Monday, New Week, New Moon in Sagittarius


Yesterday my friend Alyson, who keeps me up on these matters, sent me this news:

“December 2nd – A new moon in Sagittarius forms a trine to the spontaneous charge of Uranus in Aires. It’s a cosmic energy drink, and highly flammable holiday cocktail. If you’ve felt overwhelmed with inertia, this could be the spark to act on what’s naturally emerging.” 

Lately, I admit it,  I’ve been in funk – no energy, no passion, no inspiration – just sort of slogging through life in a fog of ‘blah.’ This happens to me – times when, psychically, the world is flat, the sky is gray, and life goes on – but it’s a struggle.

So yesterday, when I got the news,  I thought, with just a little smirk of doubt: ‘hallelujah! – about time.’  I also made the mental note: ‘let’s see what happens tomorrow.’

Tomorrow is now today.  A gray, musty, too warm winter day, perfect for maintaining a down.  And first thing this morning, walking my dog,  I realized that somehow, at some point, without my awareness – eureka! – the funk had lifted. Gone! I’m coming down with a cold – head stuffed, throat sore-ish, limbs heavy – and even so I actually felt – miracle of miracles – good!  A spark of inspiration lit up some dark corner of my brain and I suddenly knew what to do with an article that has stubbornly resisted completion.  I made a quick call I’ve been putting off since forever and set up the appointment I hadn’t, for some reason, wanted to make.  When I got home I sorted through a whole bunch of papers that had been cluttering my desk for over a week…….

Now I take a lot of personal credit for dealing with funks, and downs, and blahs.  I’m a secret mood junkie – in fact, mood susceptibility was a prime catalyst in my life-long yoga practice, my study of psyche and spirit, my fascination with energy.  I’ve learned – because I had to – how to maintain discipline even when I don’t feel like doing anything; how not get into self-blame; how to watch myself without judgment and how not to get lost in ‘feeling’  – in short, how to keep going.

I’ve also learned that all the discipline in the world doesn’t necessarily lift me out of a funk – or generate inspiration and energy. I’ve learned that, yes, practice is vital and discipline the ultimate self-kindness – but that way beyond what I can do is a vast ocean of what is – over which I have no control whatsoever. (If practice doesn’t teach us humility, it hasn’t taught us a thing.)  I’ve accepted that oftentimes there is no understanding what I’m feeling, or why – and that maybe understanding is beside the point. Mysteriously, the energy that seems to oppress me is also an energy that seems to sustain me. There’s  much more going on in me than just me….

What I love is the experience of interconnectedness I feel when I know that the moon has moved in the heavens and that affects the way I feel. I love the sense of a psychic force that literally, viscerally takes me out of isolation – ‘my mood, my practice, my funk, my life’ – and joins me to the energy of all that’s going on all around me. I love the idea that the energy that has shifted something in me has shifted something in you – that we are all part and parcel of everything that is going on.  What gives me comfort and confidence and hope beyond what I can generate – is accepting that this energy I cannot see or quantify is real – in fact, is reality itself.

I don’t think it’s important if we know what sign the Moon is in, or whether Mercury is in retrograde and Saturn returning – or even whether we believe in astrology or not. The interconnectedness of life is a universal idea, mapped and formulated in every culture and every belief system in a variety of ways.  It isn’t the formulation that matters.  It’s our openness to the idea.

So I’m truly happy to share the news that the Moon and Sagittarius and Uranus and Aries are coming together in a way that creates positive energy. Because whether or not we accept the premise – whatever we believe or don’t believe – we are all going to affected.

We might as well embrace the idea.  There is no way be separate – no way to close ourselves off.  We’re all in this together.

Happy moon in Sag!