I appreciate the people who took the time to write about how our work together impacted their lives – and hope their comments will give you a better sense about it…


For me, Jana Titus is synonymous with “life-changing.’  And by that I mean she helped me with the pain of a slipped disc, and with the stress it was creating in my life.  In the process she showed me really practical, simple ways to to deal with pain and the stress on my own, teaching me life-skill techniques that I use to this day – every day.

Iris Brown, Graphic Designer  NYC


Jana helped me through a time when I was overwhelmed by stress and pain.  Her way of working is full of insight – direct and compassionate at the same time.  She taught me how to stay focused and in the moment – and to recognize the ways I made things more difficult for myself – when things were difficult enough on their own!  I am still using the techniques she taught me.

Janice Rous, creator/founder Body Dialogue


Jana’s work is built around breath, sound and meditation in very accessible ways. She is amazingly insightful about and effective in helping you to move beyond your old patterns, and to create news ways of experiencing and being. I call Jana “the Einstein of yoga.”

Bethamie Horowitz, NYC


I started working with Jana at a time I was so overwhelmed and anxious I literally couldn’t think straight, couldn’t turn my neck, couldn’t get my shoulders down from my ears,  and had minus energy.  After our first session  I felt different – like things were possible again.  Feeling better, everything started to get better!  I still use the centering and energy techniques she taught me.  And if I get really stuck, she’s only a phone call away.

Alyson Garvey, CCH, founder, Inner Source Homeopathy


I have rheumatoid arthritis and have found my work with Jana the best and most effective way to deal with the pain and relieve the intensity of its occasional flare ups.  We have created a practice for me that has helped me increase my flexibility and ease of movement.  Even my doctor noticed the difference when I started working with her.

Anna G,  New York City

Jana’s work is direct, insightful and compassionate – she has the ability to cut to the core of an issue and releasing the pain, like cutting through a knot.  Our work together  unleashed great personal power in me – and what was really important, provided rapid change.  I felt a difference, easier and more centered,  from the first session.  From our work together I took away practices that I use every day.

Kathy A, NYC


I found Jana after I’d gone through every available kind of pain management for chronic and disabling back pain.  Jana was my last attempt before surgery, and  I walked out of her office feeling the first relief I’d felt in ages.  I never looked back – and I never had the surgery.

Lorraine S.  NJ