Four Fundamentals Of Stress Reduction


Too much to do, too much to think about, too much to take care of…


Sound familiar?

As a life coach I am all to familiar with the the mind set of being overwhelmed and stressed out.

In fact, stressed out and overwhelmed seems to be the new normal.

Prioritize, strategize, plan & schedule –and still you stress out trying to do it all.  I totally understand – both as expert– and as a lifetime recovering stress-a-holic.  From years of experience dealing with the demons of stress – personal and professional I’ve learned  – all the schedules and strategies in the world won’t reduce your stress level –unless you change your mind-set about the things that make you stressed!

  1. Give up the idea that it’s possible to get everything done – and its corollary  – that you have to do it all today.  This is the first and foremost fundamental of stress reduction.  And amazingly, once you accept it, you’ll find it’s possible to get a lot more done.
  2. Be flexible:  Chose your priorities – but be realistic – 2 things to do, not 20, and take it from there.  Make your schedule – but don’t treat it like it’s written in stone.  Life happens. Adjust, adapt, accept – and your schedule magically expands.
  3. Slow down:  This is vital!  Speed is the enemy of productivity and does nothing but create tension – so you make mistakes and lose efficiency.  When you stop racing around trying to do everything, the whole day opens up – and suddenly there’s time to get a lot more done.
  4. Remember to breathe!!!: this might sound ridiculous, but actually conscious breathing is the world’s first and primary coping tool.  I promise – one deep breath can soothe, calm and relax mind and body – and transform your day.