THE GANESH DYNAMIC – unlocking your power


The energy of enthusiasm, direction, resolve.

The courage to face fear.

The faith to trust.

The confidence to dare.

The ease to enjoy.

The tenacity to achieve.

The determination to keep going…and the vitality to do so……

The Ganesh Dynamic is the psychic power to unblock, grow and transform and achieve…

But it’s not his power…’s yours.

Not the image without….but the image within…….

See his image  – and you connect to its power.

Ganesh lives in Muladhara Chakra at the base of your spine.  Place the image in the chakra.  Invite him inside. This is his home in your body.

Hear his energy – and vibrate its power.

The Ganesh bija mantra is ‘Gam’ (short ‘a’ pronounced like the ‘u’ in put). Sounding it vibrates his energy.

The Muladhara bija is ‘LAM’ (same pronunciation). Sounding it grounds you.

Enclose the Mantra with ‘OM’.  Create a perfect circle.


This is a simple, direct mantra practice. Say it out loud. Repeat it within. Direct your breath into the image and the sound. Be patient. Ganesh is a deep sleeper. It takes time to get him going.

Then it happens…..

Your vision, your mantra, your breathing create a rhythm.  And Ganesh begins to dance…

That’s the Ganesh dynamic.  The dance of the power and joy and determination that is inherently yours.

Call upon that energy.  Dare yourself to work through the obstacles that block your way from where you want to go – keep you from doing what you want to do – and being who you want to be.

Practice is learning to know – anything is possible.