Visible OM

Yantras are images of cosmic energy represented in geometric forms.

In Yoga thought, Yantra and Mantra are one and the same.

From Mantra vibration Yantras take form.

From Yantra forms sound is released…

The Sri Yantra is the image of OM, the indivisible sound, containing all sound. The Sri Yantra reveals the sound in endlessly interlocking triangles which form an indivisible, vibratingĀ whole. Only from the center of the Yantra can you see it. Find its center and there is OM. From OM the form emerges, radiating outwards.

Meditating on Sri Yantra is an object lesson in holding center, learning how not to get lost in the continuous outward pulse of its triangles, butĀ to bring its visual vibration into center. This practice reveals the great truth of concentration: that deep focus is not hard and grasping, but open and inclusive. That center is a point which ever receives, and ever expands.