MEDITATION – we are energy


 We are energy.

That’s all we are…
And that’s all there is.

We cannot know this with our rational mind. Because this energy of which we consist cannot be seen, cannot be heard, cannot be touched. In fact the only way to connect to the essence of who and what we are is through our imaginative mind.

Meditation is the practice of focusing the power of our imagination – what Einstein called the greatest power in the universe.

Psychic seeing opens our inner eye, to see what cannot otherwise be seen.  This is the practice of visualization.

Psychic hearing opens our inner ear to hear what cannot otherwise be heard.  This is the practice of Mantra.  

Psychic breathing connects our breath to the life force – Prana – that flows throughout our being.   This is the practice of pranayama.    

These techniques of concentration take us to a deeper place within, and give us a sense of self-as-energy, and of energy-as-calm. Although we gain the experience of inner energy through the workings of our imagination,  the energy we connect to is not imaginary. And the understanding we gain changes our lives.

What we learn through the imaginative practice of meditation is visceral knowledge, understood in every fiber of our being.  This kind of knowing is not otherwise available, and comes from no other source.