yogaLife practices for focus, calm and energy

meditating in ocean

yogaLife means living your yoga

Living your yoga means living from center. Facing each day with focus, calm, positivity and energy,  whatever you’re doing – wherever you are

Traditionally, yoga is practiced through breathing, meditation and asana. But why be constrained by tradition?   Why not create your own traditions – by creating your own unique yoga practice tailored for your own unique life?

I promise – you can turn anything you do into yoga – from exercise to taking out the garbage – simply using breath, mental focus and self awareness to center yourself.

  • Any and all exercise – running, walking, Pilates practice, working out at the gym – becomes yoga if you do it from center. Remember, yoga is not about what you’re doing – but how you are doing it. 
  • Daily routines –  doing the dishes, standing on line at the groceries, picking up the kids at soccer  – become a form of yoga if you stay focused and clear while you’re doing them.
  • All the stress and demands of your crazy life in this crazy world  – traffic jams, screwed up scheduling, to-do lists that don’t get done, family crises, issues at work  – are transformed into yoga if you cope with them by staying calm and positive.


Ultimately by living your yoga – integrating its wisdom and practice into every aspect of your life –    you will find that you will minimize stress – and maximize your creativity, positivity and power.